Contemporary Furniture Designer Damian Velasquez"As a designer and craftsman, my approach is to build furniture that evokes inspiration in myself and others.  I am intrigued with simple shapes and forms and manipulating both materials and space to create my designs. I work mainly with metal and wood and incorporate other materials that interest me.  I fabricate each piece of furniture in my studio where I have the capabilities to weld, work with wood, paint, powder coat, and sandblast to execute my designs.

My predominant process and material is welded steel that evolved from my earlier years of being a silversmith.  The processes are similar but are now on a larger scale.  I also incorporate hand-stained wood components. I continue to explore the use of other materials that add a new element to the design.

As I look back on my years of building modern furniture I realize that being able to create designs that incorporate metal, wood and other materials is the very unique trait that sets my furniture apart from the ordinary.   When I look at my current work I am inspired to keep exploring and creating simple yet functional furniture that continues to place an emphasis on modern design and quality blended with function."

3212 Stanford Drive NE • Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
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