Just in time for the holidays...

2015 turned out to be one of my busiest years in a long time. Several large commercial projects, day-to-day brewery work/support as well as building furniture for many new and existing clients kept me on my toes.

Despite this year's fast pace, I was fortunate to engage in challenging design projects. I built this room divider for a client in Placitas, NM. The goal was to create a visual division between a dining area and living area without blocking the available natural light or creating a "wall." The end result was a transparent divider that is 9 ft. wide by 7 ft. tall, powder coated in an elegant gold color. The design creates visual interest without being too busy. A successful balance of scale and mass.

The finishing touch for this divider is the ability to place 21 votive candles on small circular shelves that are randomly spaced throughout the piece.

With the high ceilings of the house, the space easily absorbed the gigantic divider and made it feel right at home... my forklift didn't seem to have the same feeling.

Off to the next project of 2016.

rick jett  - 1 (2).jpg

How do you support a 350 pound slab of marble?

Very gracefully and with steel of course...

I just delivered this large table base for a client. The table top is marble and is 48" x 116".

Stone slabs like this don't like to lay flat despite the fact that we use it like this all the time. When a slab is vertical on edge it is less susceptible to fracturing. When a slab is horizontal it must be supported throughout especially on the overhang so it doesn't break. The challenge is to do it with the least amount of material possible so as not to distract from the design. Remember: less is more.

I also fabricated the chairs. The upholster did a great job of wrapping the seats we provided.

(click on the image and see the images of before and after)