Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes. Shipping is available.  Small items are shipped USPS or FedEx Ground. Larger items are shipped via common carrier. Inquire for a large item freight quote.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Yes. I do take on custom work on a case by case basis. Contact me by phone (505) 884-5200 or via the website contact form.

Q: Do you provide color samples?




Q: What can you tell me about table sizes and chair height?

A: Yes. Fill out the website contact form and indicate whether you would like samples for indoor or outdoor finishes (or both).




How do you determine the best dimensions for your dining table? Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

LENGTH (how long the table is):  

This requires a bit of calculating.  First you must ask, HOW MANY DINERS?

These are a few "rules of thumb" to keep in mind:

Allow each guest a minimum of 24" of table surface. Even better, allow 30" to allow for more comfortable dining. FOR RECTANGULAR or SQUARE TABLES you will also need to add 12" at either end to accommodate diners @ the "head" and "foot" of the table.


EXAMPLE: To seat six comfortably (two diners on either size and one at each end), these dimensions would work:  


2 (diners on long end) x 24" (surface space/person) + 24" (12" on each end) equals 72" long



DEPTH:  Most dining tables average 36" wide and vary from 30" to 48".  More than 48" and it starts to get difficult to reach across the table.



HEIGHT: Most dining tables today are 30" high. Chair height is generally 18" (from the seat to the floor). This allows for comfortable leg room. A general rule of thumb:  allow 12" between the top of your dining surface and the height of your chair seat. 


FOR ROUND TABLES it's a good idea to allow 30" per person because their "slice of the pie" gets smaller as you go toward the center of the table.


We've figured out the geometry on this one:

A 60" round (diameter) table will comfortably seat six

A 48" round (diameter) table will comfortably seat four and you can squeeze in six, if you must.





To allow enough room for a person to stand up and push her chair back from the table, you will need a minimum of 36" between the table edge and the wall (or buffet, sidetable, etc.) 


More optimal is 44" and, for wheelchairs, allow 54". 


So, guidelines are one thing, but actual living is quite another. The great thing about Damian Velasquez's furniture is that you aren't stuck with the "industry standard."  If you need or want a table that is 38" deep x 54" long, Damian can build it!


Here are a couple of other points to keep in mind:

It is possible to seat six people at a table that is 36" wide x 60" long.  This is especially true for breakfast or informal dining.


It is possible to squeeze six people at a 42" round table -- informal or breakfast nook

Round tables with a 30" diameter or smaller top require a pedestal base


Elevate your dining.  Bar tables are great for informal dining.  Standard bar table height is 42". Use a 30" barstool to go with this (remember: 12" between the top of your dining surface and your seat).